About Us

Footwise is led by Sangeeta Bharakhada, a State Registered Podiatrist and her fully qualified team of podiatrists and physiotherapists, osteopaths and other holistic therapist. Sangeeta has over 15 years experience in both the NHS and private clinical settings and currently runs biomechanical and gait analysis clinics at Spire Little Aston Hospital. Sangeeta qualified in 1996 with a BSc(Hons) with the Northampton School of Podiatry-affiliated with the University of Leicester.
She is a member of the Diabetic Association uk, in SuttonColdfield.
Our philosophy is to provide outstanding service and patient care in a relaxing and friendly environment.
We treat patients with a variety of foot and lower limb problems.
Our services include:

F     Diabetic Assessments - specialist Diabetic Assessment clinic, which involves an assessment of diabetic patients every 3-months. We utilise the Doppler Neuropen and Toe/Ankle Brachial Pressure Indices.  

F     Verrucae clinic - treatment using acid and also most up to date technology; CryoPen with liquid nitrogen. The CryoPens accuracy, to the millimetre, is achieved via a micro-fine jet of cryogen. 


F     Nail surgery for in-growing toe nails under local anaesthetic.

F     Bio-mechanical assessments - of the lower limb including insoles and orthotics.  Many common lower limb complaints can be related to biomechanical dysfunction (such as poor posture of the foot and leg) and can be treated effectively through the use of re-moulded or custom made insoles and orthotic devices.


F   Poor alignment of the feet and legs can c, often disrupting normal knee function and hip alignment as well as increasing forces on the muscles in the lower backause wear and tear to other parts of the body.


F     Routine chiropody including palliative care for nails, corns and callouses.